Unveiling the light within, Amy Eisenhower-Omholt is a compassionate guide on your spiritual journey. Inspired by the profound loss of her father in 2016, Amy discovered a deep connection with the divine, igniting her passion to support and guide others on their healing passage.  As a Spiritual Counselor, she listens with an open heart to receive messages and guidance from Spirit. She may see images, hear words, feel sensations in the body or simply gain intuitive insight, allowing whatever to come through without judgement. She believes we all have access to this higher guidance, and it’s a matter of learning how to tune in, and trust what we receive. Her experiences have taught her that the more she is in her body, attuned to her environment, the clearer the messages become.  
Amy’s professional background is in art and education. She holds a degree in studio arts, and a double MA in Education and *Counseling Psychology. Amy worked as an art teacher for over 11 years, assisting children and adults in uncovering and healing aspects of their psyche through art.  She has a lifetime of experience as a professional artist and continues to use visual art in her own experiential healing process.  
Amy's warmth and wisdom offers solace in times of rocky transition. She may at times embody the ferocity of a wild animal, shredding that which keeps you separate from love and truth, while in the next moment, gently and lovingly, holding space for your tender heart as you bravely take your next step toward wholeness. In her free time, Amy enjoys yoga and dance, painting outside, and spending time with her Beloved family, friends, and animals.  She cares deeply about helping others and passing on the wisdom her teachers have shared with her in this deep healing Spiritual Work.  

* She is not a licensed psychotherapist and cannot diagnose or treat mental disorders.  

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