On the eve of this Autumnal Equinox

As our beloved whirling Planet Approaches

Her Moment of Balance and Equality

Between Darkness and Light,

We Join With Spirit Together,

Using Our Voices, Breath, and Bodies

To Move, Connect and Attune

With these Opposing

Forces Within Each of Us.  
During this Time,

We are Given Precious Opportunity

To Clearly Sense These Inner Forces

that Keep Us at War

With Ourselves and Each Other.

As We Breathe Together,

Honoring and Accepting what is Here Now,

We Prepare Our Passage into Fall.  
Join Me in this Harvest Time.

What messages will you receive

from the fruits of your labor this year?

What is ready to be picked and shared now?

What still needs more time? 
Come with me on this adventure of Self-Uncovery! 

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